Региональный Центр Защиты Информации


About the company

A group of companies united under the common name THE REGIONAL CENTRE FOR INFORMATION PROTECTION includes
two companies: the St Petersburg Regional Centre for Information Protection (SPB RCZI) and the Fort Regional Centre for Information Protection (RCZI "FORT").

Within a relatively short period of time in existence the companies (ZAO SPB RCZI has been founded in 1997 on the basis formed by the employees of the Impulse Scientific Development & Production Association), a series of systems for cryptographic protection of information has been created and manufactured for such customers as the Russian Federation Defence Ministry (MO RF), the Federal Security Guard Service (FSO), the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB), the Main Directorate for Reformatory Justice (GUIN) and the Savings Bank of Russia.

The level of the developments of the companies has been certified by the Central Agency for Certification of the Federal Security Service (CBS FSB) of the The Federal Agency for Government Communication and Information (FAPSI).